Integrated Educational Systems

The integrated systems in the field of Education are being constantly upgraded and updated and moreover are of crucial importance for a high-grade process of education.

Numerous and more and more complex in nature technical devices are available in the lecturing halls – computers, projectors, audio-visual systems, interactive white boards…

Even technically-minded and educated staff finds it stressful to work with such varied and plentiful equipment. Not to mention the lecturers, teachers and trainers, most of who needn’t even have profound technical knowledge, for their direct contact to systems of the kind frequently results in loss of precious time and even in demotivation and tendency to avoid working with the new devices.

And here come to your aid the integrated systems – consolidating and facilitating your contact with the systems…

Here are a few opportunities:

  • Switching on the whole system in the lecture hall under the appropriate operation regime a presentation, a lecture, a projection or standard/general operation regime. all technical devices available in the lecture hall can be involved a projector, a computer, an electric screen, lighting, an air-conditioning system, a sound system, a video system, an interactive white board…;
  • Centralized control of all projectors and displays in the building switching on and off at particularly set time;
  • Video-conferencing supports remote communication, which expands immensely the opportunities to learn and study;
  • Automatic switch off the lighting at exiting the hall;
  • Keeping track of people and/or of devices – the system can display for you their position and location in the building at any time;
  • Texting you a message in case any device is not in operational regime;
  • A media-server offers the opportunity to control and display the audio-visual contents at or in different localities within the building in real time.

Implementing the integrated system in Education will contribute immensely to the efficacy in processing and to optimizing the exploit of technical equipment.

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