Integrated Home Systems

Each integrated system provides the opportunity for connection, control and surveillance of your entire residence or sections of it. The need to operate with a growing number of devices and systems can be entirely entrusted to the central controller of the integrated system and be reduced to just a few buttons/switches.

Any reiterating and depending on the same conditions activities in your residence or garden can in actual fact be automatized.

The integrated system will deliver you from the constant stress resulting from the co-existence with a more complex technical environment at you residence and will make it possible for you to enjoy the “simple” things of life – a good film, fascinating music, the pleasant weather outside, domestic cosines…

And here are a few opportunities:

  • Switching on the alarm and drawing down all exterior rolling blinds when leaving the residence;
  • Automatized drawing of curtainbs when getting up;
  • Switching on of the television oe audio-system when anyone enters the premisis;
  • Automatized lights switching off when leaving the residence;
  • Reducing of water jet height of the fountain in the garden in case of wind arising;
  • Texting you a meesage in case of a break-in into you residence.Any reiterating and depending on the same conditions activities at you residence can in actual fact be automatized.

That will deliver you from the stress to operate with numerous technical systems and to provide for the desired comfort.
Domestic environment integration has two aspects – integration of home-video (projectors or a monitor, audio-system, a screen, blinds or curtains, lighting) or integration of the entire housing area. In general, there are no technical limitations. All depends on your resourcefulness.

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